About Us

We are constantly in competition with ourselves to always improve tomorrow.

Hi! At YORK COURIER we pride ourselves with having great employees who are always willing to grow with us. In our company, everybody has the motivation to keep going, it doesn't stop. We are always taking on new challenges, and solving every one of them with a passion.

why choose YORK COURIER?

We do not hire sub-contractor drivers as most companies do. At all times we have replacement employees to come in the day others are sick or not available.
Our mechanics overlook our vehicles to make sure they are at all times in safe mechanical condition. Our spare units provide us the flexibility and insurance to use in case of an emergency.

Staff is customer service oriented.

Our staff is well-trained to provide a great customer experience and show an effective image of the company.
Our business is fully insured and we have all the necessary insurance coverages required for any types of cargo.


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